Friday, May 06, 2005

Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket

I've been more or less ignoring the elections in the UK, but whilst doing some reading about results coming through in Northern Ireland I came across this report about the Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket:
The party political broadcast is a departure from the normal format.
It features musicians in a recording studio jamming to a reggae song with the party leader Rainbow George looking on approvingly.
The chorus of the song, which is aimed at mainstream politicians, goes: We don't want you, we don't need you any more. So we're making you redundant, we're showing you the door."
The party says it stands for fair, peaceful and true policies.
The main points of the its short manifesto are:

Laying foundations upon which model 21st century city states can be created.
Supporting a Lennonesque world free of countries where cities harmonise to provide excellent comfort and entertainment for all to share.
Imagining the beginning of a dreamy rainbow wil be seen to be taking place in Belfast on election day.

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