Monday, May 30, 2005

A modest proposal...

Okay... it looks like being a repeat of 2 years ago - yesterday and today the Eternal City is just too hot. Yesterday it topped 30 degrees celcius (that's 86 degrees for you American folks) but it felt about 35 degrees (nearly 100 farenheit) because of the humidity. Today's pretty much the same story and it's not even June yet.
This can't be good for the universal church. Setting aside the fact that some of the monsignori come from warmer climates than this, I would be willling to bet that most of the staff over at the Vatican are finding their offices decidedly uncomfortable. Not only is it unseasonably hot, Rome's air quality is atrocious. So, what's the solution - air-conditioning? Italians (unsurprisingly believe it bad for the liver) don't like it, so that's not going to go down well. I have a better idea, one firmly rooted in the traditions of Holy Mother Church. Move the papacy back to Avignon!

Doesn't that look so much nicer than the smelly ol' Tiber?