Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bishop accused of breaking and entering...

Relax... It's not one of ours... This report explains:
On May 21, the neighbors of Caroline Krook, a top official with the Swedish Protestant church, were enjoying the out of doors and turned up the volume on their radio to listen to the tunes from the Eurovision competition, according to Aftonbladet.
Krook knocked on their door asking them to lower the volume a bit, but receiving no answer, she quickly slipped inside -- the door was not locked -- and pulled the plug on the radio.
The neighbors came inside to see what had happened, catching the bishop in the stairwell, and who promptly remonstrated them and said she was the culprit.
I suppose this goes to show the kind of problems which are to be expected when one starts ordaining women. It's also another good reason for Bishops to live in palaces and not noisy apartments. :)


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