Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In the Telegraph Today...

There's more than the usual quota of interesting stories in the Telegraph today:
Firstly there's the story of a blind mountaineer who has had to abandon his attempt on Everest due to an accident. He said: "My new Sherpa, Pemba, forgot about my blindness which led me to discover a small crevasse. One minute I'm sucking in the oxygen-deprived air and the next minute I'm falling into it."
Scientists have released a reconstruction of Tutankhamun's face.
Archaeologists working with forensic specialists and artists have created reconstructions of the pharaoh's head using information from a computed tomography (CT) scan carried out on his mummified body earlier this year.
The cause of Tutankhamun's death around 1325BC has long been a matter of historical controversy. Speculation about royal intrigue, plots and cold-blooded assassination were bolstered by the discovery of skull fragments in X-rays carried out in 1968 by anatomists from Liverpool University.
However, archaeologists who carried out the scan in January this year recently concluded that there was no evidence of foul play and that the king might have died from infections to a leg wound.
How much did he know? The discussion of Speer's culpability for the holocaust continues with the suggestion that he may have played an active part in converting Auschwitz into a death camp. I have little doubt but that the discussion surrounding the authenticity and import of recently discovered documents will continue.
Finally, a group of 300 French surgeons decamped to a British holiday village as a novel form of protest. But why cross the Channel at all? "We have so many strikes in France that we thought we would get more coverage in the media if we went into exile in England," explained one with disarming frankness.

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