Friday, May 13, 2005

Pope to Fast-track John Paul II's cause...

Announced this morning in Rome
He announced it to a meeting of the Roman Diocesan clergy at the Lateran this morning.

The Correre della Sera describes it mentioning that he concluded his address to the Roman clergy by saying 'I wish to give you news that will certainly give you great pleasure' and read the document (in Latin) opening the late Holy Father's cause for beatification. It's no coincidence that the announcement was made on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, 24 years to the day after the assasination attempt in St Peter's Square.
The decree reads:
Instante ac Domino D. Camillo S.R.E. Cardinali Ruini, Vicario Generali Suae Sanctitatis pro Dioecesi Romana, Summus Pontifex BENEDICTUS XVI, attentis peculiaribus expositis adiunctis, in audentia eidem Cardinali Vicario Generali die 28 mensis Aprilis huius anni 2005 concessa, dispensavit a tempore quinque annorum exspectationis post mortem Servi Dei Ioannis Pauli II (Caroli Wojtyla), Summi Pontificis, ita ut causa Beatificationis et Canonizationis eiusdem Servi Dei statim incipi posset. Contrariis non obstantibus quibuslibet.
Datum Romae, ex aedibus huius Congregationis de Causis Sanctorum, die 9 mensis Maii A.D. 2005.
Iosephus Card. Saraiva Martins
Eduardus Nowak
Archiepiscopus tit. Lunensis
a Secretis

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