Tuesday, April 12, 2005

To my fellow bloggers: I'm in a generous mood...

Cacciaguida links to this story about today's issue of Sede Vacante stamps. Well, I have a few left over after writing to all those of my real-life friends who I think might be interested. If you run a Catholic 'blog, e-mail me and I'll gladly send you a 'sede vacante'-stamped postcard. Free, gratis and for nothing with no strings attached.
I only have a limited amount left, so I'm not promising I'll be able to send everyone a postcard and I will give priority to 'blogs appearing on my 'blogroll.
(BTW, I shan't use your snailmail address for any other purpose and will in fact delete it from my e-mail account as soon as the postcard is sent.)

My e-mail is zadokromanus at gmail dot com .

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