Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The inside story?

As always the Italian press are putting together a picture of what might (or might not) have happened inside the Conclave. La Repubblica reports that Ratzinger seems to have achieved nearly 2/3rds on the 3rd ballot.
Cardinal Antonelli is said to have told a radio station that the conclave had 'an athmosphere of great festivity, unity and communion' and that it was 'a quick election' and that he would 'say no more.'
Cardinal Schonborn said that Ratzinger was 'happy to accept this responsability without reserve' and that 'he knows he will have to carry the weight of this mission unto death.' Schonborn also said that Ratzinger is 'not cold, as many think, he is merely reserved.' (To be quite honest, that's one of the reasons I feel great sympathy for our new pontiff.)

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