Thursday, April 07, 2005


According to a press release from Archbishop Marini the Papal MC the Novendiales actually start on the day of Pope's funeral and are maked by special masses in the Vatican Basilica.

The details are as follows

Day 1. (Apr 8) Funeral Mass 10am Cardinal Ratzinger Outside St Peter's
Day 2. (Apr 9) Mass organised by the faithful of the Vatican City 5pm Cardinal Marchisano Inside St Peter's
Day 3. (Apr 10) Mass organised by the Church of Rome 5pm Cardinal Ruini Inside St Peter's
Day 4. (Apr 11) Mass organised by the Chapters of the Patriarchal Basilicas 5pm Cardinal Law Inside St Peter's
Day 5. (Apr 12) Mass organised by the Capella Papale 5pm Cardinal Sales de Araújo Inside St Peter's
Day 6. (Apr 13) Mass organised by the Roman Curia 5pm Archbishop Sandri Inside St Peter's
Day 7. (Apr 14) Mass organised by the Oriental Churches 5pm Patricah Nasrallah Inside St Peter's (Maronite Rite, presumably)
Day 8. (Apr 15) Mass organised by Religious 5pm Archbishop Nesti Inside St Peter's
Day 9. (Apr 16) Mass organised by the Capella Papale 5pm Cardinal Medina Estevez Inside St Peter's

Also online is the text of the funeral mass.

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