Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Pope's Arms...

Via the comments box over at the Shrine and the Archdiocese of Munich, here is a picture of the new arms of the Pope.

It's from a card made availible to some of the clergy who assisted at the Installation Mass and has a picture of the handing over of the Keys to Peter on the other side. A friend has a copy of that card. I've managed to lay my hands on a slightly different card (also issued by the Vatican) with the Pope's official portrait on one side and the arms (along with facsimile signature and date of election) which I hope to post when technology permits.
Anyway... it's in monochrome, so we don't know what colours are being used and nor does it include the Pope's motto.
Note first the crest - a slightly abstract design which appears to be a mitre, but on comparison with other Papal arms the lines on the mitre very closely resemble the shape of the tiara.

The pallium underneath seems to be an innovation - I don't remember seeing that before.
Note that his three distinctive symbols (Moor, Shell and Bear) are retained.
[Edited to add: Colour version of the Coat of Arms availible here]

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