Monday, April 25, 2005

Papal Arms - Update

I've managed to lay my hands on an official card (issued by the Vatican) marking the start of Benedict XVI's papacy and on the back is a monochrome depiction of what I presume his new coat of arms is to be.
It retains the elements of the old coat of arms - the crowned moor, the scallop shell and bear carrying a burden on its back.

The shield is divided in three kind of like this:
but the two diagonal lines curve inwards and meet at the top edge of the shield. (Thus dividing the shield in THREE and not two as show above) They are also much thinner, serving only to divide the shield and not as a decorative element.
The elements listed above are includes as follows
Top Left: Moor
Bottom Middle: Shell
Top Right: Bear
There's no motto on the card and the shield has the usual Papal keys, a slightly abstract tiara and underneath is a pallium.

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