Tuesday, April 12, 2005


In my comments box Romy (whom I had the great pleasure of meeting while she was in Rome) mentions the Archbishop of her spiritual home (Lyon) Philippe Xavier Ignace Cardinal Barbarin. Well, I don't want to frighten her, but the very day after she mentioned him to me I heard him mentioned as Papabile. He's probably about 10 years too young... but who knows? I'm adopting a policy of only mentioning 'long shots' on the grounds that in the unlikely event of my being correct I'll look really prophetic.
In that vein, I'm going to mention someone who is not even a Cardinal. Despite being retired, a Jesuit and only an Archbishop, Giuseppe Pittau is a well-regarded figure. I've heard more than one person say, 'Ah... if he were a Cardinal...' Does he have a chance? I don't think so... but I'm mentioning him in case he does!
(Cnytr links to obvious candidates - and I know that nun!!!)
And Finally
Don't ask how or why I found this - Leo XIII's IMDB entry. Wouldn't you love to see such gems as Pope Leo XIII Being Carried in Chair Through Upper Loggia, No. 101 or Pope Leo XIII Being Seated Bestowing Blessing Surrounded by Swiss Guards, No. 107?

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