Monday, November 14, 2005

Saints with earrings...

I asked a few days a throwaway remark in a news report provoked me into asking whether any of you could name saints who wore ear-rings. Well, (as I thought you would...) several of you found pictures of St Therese of Lisieux wearing ear-rings. One of you also pointed towards Venerable Teresita Quevedo (thank you Marlena!) of whom I'd not heard before. (More info here!)
I've also found Blessed Maria Corsini vedova Quattrocchi (the ear-rings are more visible in this painting). Another ear-ringed venerable is the Little Flower's mother, Ven Zelie Martin. A further blessed portrayed with ear-rings is Bl Eurosia Fabris Barban.
Finally, this painting by Caravaggio proves that Mary Magdalen wore ear-rings. (What do you mean there's nothing in the Bible about that? We're Catholics! It doesn't have to be in the Bible!)

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