Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The Osservatore Romano has published the full (mostly ad-libbed) homily of the Holy Father from last Saturday evening's vespers... Here's a snippet:
We have said that this coming is unique - "the" coming of the Lord. Nevertheless, there is not only the Second Coming (in Italian 'Last Coming') at the end of time: in a certain sense the Lord desires to always be coming through us. He knocks at the door of our heart: are you ready (in Italian 'availible') to give me your flesh, your time, your life? That is the voice of the Lord who wants to enter even our time, he wants to enter human history through us. He also seeks a living dwelling-place, our personal life. Behold the coming of the Lord. That's what we want to re-learn during Advent: the Lord can come even through us.

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