Friday, November 04, 2005

Mummy curse?

Yet another mummy curse story...
(ANSA) - Sydney, November 4 - Fears of a curse waged by Italy's ice mummy
have returned with the death of the seventh person who came into contact with
the Stone Age hunter .Tom Loy, the world's leading molecular archaeologist, was
found dead in his Brisbane home while he was working on the final stages of a
book on the Iceman .Colleagues at Queensland university said Loy "did not
believe in superstition" and had been suffering from a blood infection .But his
death re-ignited speculation that Oetzi had again struck down a person who dared
to disturb his 5,000-year sleep .

It would be considerably more impressive if so many of the victims of the curse weren't already ill or didn't have a penchent for mountain climbing.

One of the big issues in the city is the mayors attempt to move the hucksers out of Piazza Navona.
(ANSA) - Rome, November 4 - Irked by polemics over his bid to oust street
artists from a famous Rome piazza, Mayor Walter Veltroni has plundered his home
movie collection for evidence supporting his cause .After sifting carefully
through his home-made films, on Friday he produced what he saw as definitive
proof that the artists have no natural right to be in Piazza Navona anyway ."The
artists weren't there 40 years ago, as you can see in a film I made there in
1973," he said on the sidelines of a conference in the capital .
Veltroni, a cinema enthusiast and film critic, dismissed this argument,
saying the artists' presence in the piazza could not really be called tradition
."In Rome we only talk about a 'tradition' if you can measure it in hundreds of years," he added .

In Britain, they've decided to re-admit the head of the Moonies after a decade-long exclusion:
The Rev Sun Myung Moon, the 86-year-old founder of Unification Church, who
was barred almost 10 years ago amid accusations that his church used dubious
methods to gain recruits, will fly into London today.
A 1,000-strong audience, including a number of theologians and academics,
is expected to hear his lecture on the topic of world peace, which will be
peppered with references to Adam and Eve and Satan.
When Sun Myung Moon was a
16-year-old in Korea, he claims to have met Jesus on a hillside.
Jesus told
him that he had not been able to complete his mission on bringing peace on
earth, and asked Moon to take on his mantle.
His teachings, based on
revelations he received from God, are known as the Divine Principle and at the
heart of his teaching is a belief in establishing True Families.
He often
says he is on Earth to complete the mission of Jesus. At one point, he was
thought to have more than 500,000 followers but today those numbers have
He owns the Right-wing Washington Times and among those who have
spoken at Moonie rallies are the late Sir Edward Heath, Mikail Gorbachev and Gen
Alexander Haig, the former US secretary of state.

Also in the Telegraph, some of the advice given to teachers regarding sexual education of teenagers (and younger!) provides another series of 'Oh dear God'-moments.

And finally, I need to say 'ciao!' to my free time - the Times has Interactive Su Doku!

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