Thursday, November 10, 2005

The psychology of the Italian male...

(ANSA) - Rome, November 7 - Italian men are no longer mamma's boys and feel
they are forced to pay lip service to family affection, according to the latest
survey .One Italian in two feels they "can't be themselves" around their 'loved
ones' and seven out of ten describe their family relations as "a prison they
can't break out of," according to the popular psychology magazine Riza
Psicosomatica .A clear majority of the 1,000 young people polled said they felt
they had to "continually feign affection" for their family - and one in three
said this was even the case for the once-venerated mother .
Mamma irritates this generation of ageing adoloscents by complaining about
a host of things, Riza said .Top of the list was "constantly badmouthing
girlfriends or wives," followed by "heavy criticism that makes us feel we're not
hacking it," "continual comparisons with more successful peers," and
"criticising the way we dress or do our hair." "These are the classic laments of
generations of teenagers," Riza said .

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