Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ukrainian (Ruthenian) College of St Josephat Cassock

I posted recently on the still extant Scots College Cassock and some time ago on the variety of College soutanes which used to exist in the Eternal City... Well, thanks to an anonymous commenter, we now have a picture of the Ukrainian College Cassock which I thought I had seen about the city, but was unable to find a photo of. Note the blue cassock & the orange sash. [Castor corrects me in my comments box - the sash is yellow nowadays, not orange, reflecting the Ukrainian national colours.] The other cleric has a slightly unusual notched collar, which is sometimes, but not necessarily, assocated with Jesuits.
Anyone got any recent photos of Propaganda Fidei seminarians in their red and black cassocks?
A reader sends this picture of a South American College Seminarian wearing the blue sash of his college dress. One can't see whether his cassock has blue piping.


Castor said...

Sorry Zadok, You're colour-blind. It's a yellow sash. The uniform was changed, in the 70s to a blue cassock and yellow sash, because those are the colours of the Ukrainian flag; yellow for the wheat fields and blue for the sky. Actually, the origin of the colours may be more connected with the Cossak State's alliance with Sweeden in the 30 Years War, but that is just my theory. The cassock used to be grey with some coloured sash; I think You used to have the original colour-scheme listed.
See my commentaries on Roman Miscallany.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed these posts floating about about the Scots cassock.

*sighs* Maybe one day I'll get to wear one?

Double-breasted Melkite said...

The "strange notch" is because it's really a single-breasted Greek cassock. The side-buttoning slavic cassocks aren't used by Ukranians, who are historically Hellenic, not Muskovite. Most Greek cassocks button at the neck in the centre, then to the side of the waist, but I have seen this style, as well. I think there are buttons underneath the fly, or at least hooks, while most Eastern cassocks have only a thin belt attached and the collar and waist buttons to hold it closed.