Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dear Friend...

It's great to hear from you! We don't have any mutual friends, so I don't hear much about you through others, so it's good to receive a letter from you every now and then. I read your Easter letter with much amusement and dropped you a line over the Summer. I can always count on you to drop me a note at Christmas, and even if circumstances decree that we don't keep in touch much, I know that we can rely on each other's prayers.
This is why it is so frustrating that you send me a Christmas card bringing me up to date on all that's happened to you in recent months, including the fact that you've moved home. Indeed, you've moved country but have neglected to tell me your new address. I certainly sent you a Christmas card along with a newsy letter, but as it was sent to your former address, I have my doubts that it will ever reach you. I can't imagine who I know who might be able to tell me where you live now.

Yours frustratedly,


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