Sunday, December 10, 2006

Scots Cassocks

Andrew Cusack shows us a picture of 3 Scots Seminarians in their traditionally colourful cassocks.
As I explained last year seminarians in Rome generally wear plain black cassocks (when the event demands that a cassock be worn - please let's not start debating that!) these days. The North American College apparantly maintain a few of their traditionally coloured cassocks for servers at important liturgies. The Seminarians at Propaganda Fide also retain their distinctive red and black cassocks and, as the photo shows, the Scots retain their purple and crimson cassock.
I once heard a Scotsman explain that they still retained their distinctive colours because a former rector (the typical canny Scot) managed to acquire a huge quanitity of purple cloth at an extremely reduced price several decades ago, and they're still using it. Even if that's not true, it's a story that's worth repeating.

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Here's a pic of a seminarian from the Ukrainian college: