Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Leader in the Telegraph

Quite a decent reflection on what Christmas is really about in the Telegraph's lead editorial:
Here perhaps is something in the Nativity scene that speaks to all, whether they share the Christian faith or not. What can a refugee mother and child in Congo, or Eritrea — or the Holy Land — do today, while wars flow about them? Nothing. The rulers of the world don't look for advice from poor parents who must wrap their children in rags. But then, what could the child Jesus do, even when wise men from abroad came to do him worship? Nothing. He could not even raise his hand to touch their glittering gifts.


Argent said...

Merry Christmas!

romaryka said...

i like it. thanks, z.
happy holy christmas to you, and happy new year. :)

JaneC said...

Every time I see this post, I have to remind myself that your headline says "Christmas Leader" and not "lieder" (as in German songs).