Friday, December 01, 2006

Found in the Sacristy...

I stumbled across the following two posts at the blog of the Roman Sacristan whom I'd not visited before...
First, some nice photos of the Church of SS. John & Paul which (coincidentally) I visited earlier today.
And also this amazing link to an 8.6 GIGApixel image of Ferrari's Life of Christ in the church of S.Maria delle Grazie in Florence. The detail is amazing...
Some of the things that struck me:
The contrast between the Good Thief (his soul being taken to heaven) and the Bad Thief (being tortured by demons) in the Crucifixion scene.
Our Lady's swoon in the same scene. (Birth pangs?)
The angels playing music in the cave in Bethlehem.
The relief of the Laocoon in Pilate's palace - anyone want to expound on the intended symbolism?

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