Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ever have trouble understanding Chrsitianity? Thankfully we have pages like this where science, philosophy and religion are combined to explain that (so far as I can understand it) Original Sin is some kind of skin disease:

There once were two people, we call them Adam and Eve. They were both healthy with one exception: Once every month they got a pimple (symbolic example) which then again disappeared. One day they said: God (the eternal structure) sends us a pimple every moth. We are not willing to bare this sacrifice any longer, we will create our own God (own structure). And they successfully used a herb to heal the pimple, with the result that the next generation got a pimple twice a month, or two pimples once a month (A new pimple plus the inherited pimple from the previous generation. The sum remains constant only shifted in time!) (Where does the pimple remain in the meantime? Answer: It stays with his brother, i.e. in the Third World in the case of western civilization). The next generation used more herbs, and so on. With time, the "original sin" has multiplied to become what consists of our modern suffering and diseases along with all the medical countermeasures.

The rest of the page is just as interesting... :)

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