Friday, February 18, 2005

More from the CoE Synod and more...

In the Telegraph:
The clergy are urged to bless low-energy light bulbs and recycling bins during services as part of the Church of England's efforts to improve its "green" credentials.
Other suggestions in a report debated by the Synod yesterday included parish environmental audits and the use of organic bread and wine for Holy Communion.
Russian scientists have invented a pill to help keep people drunk!
If you take a tablet you need less alcohol to stay drunk, they claim. Emil Chiabery, a co-founder of the company, told The Telegraph from his offices in Los Angeles: "I never drink and there's no personal story. But RU-21 Red prolongs drunkenness and enhances intoxication.''
New York City is seeking to protect its new slogan:
The city's authorities are seeking to trademark a new catchphrase - "The World's Second Home" - which they will use to promote business, culture and tourism.
However, the risks of complacency were highlighted in 2001 when New York lawyers attempting to trademark NYPD - acronym for the city's police department - found that it was already owned by a pizza restaurant in Florida.

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