Saturday, February 12, 2005

Faith News in the Times...

A corrspondant sends me a link to the Faith News section of the Times. On the first page we learn that 'An American internet clothing store has withdrawn a line of women’s underwear featuring images of Hindu gods, after complaints'. The second page includes a Brazilian Bishop who is under fire for taking part in a Carnival and also this charming tale:
A woman in Stockport has persuaded her vicar to allow her dog to be her bridesmaid. Sonia Wilde said that the Rev Brian Statham, Vicar of St Matthew’s Church in Edgeley, was shocked when she first proposed the idea. “You should have seen his face,” she said. “He said he’d never had a request like it in 26 years.” Miss Wilde is designing her pet Lucy’s dress for the wedding in October. “I can’t think of anybody else I would rather have as bridesmaid. Lucy’s my best friend and you want the people you love by your side on the big day.”
I shall refrain from the very obvious wisecrack concerning bridesmaids and dogs. :I

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