Friday, February 04, 2005

'Adopt a Sniper'

[Marquette] University officials rescinded the College Republican's "Adopt a Sniper" table in the Alumni Memorial Union Monday, saying the program's message did not fit the university's mission and therefore could not be set up in the AMU.
The College Republicans had approval from the Office of Student Development to set up the table in the Union to promote the national "Adopt a Sniper" program. Two hours after the table was set up, individuals from OSD confiscated the literature and materials that were on display.
Henak said most snipers receive standard equipment from the U.S. military that restricts mobility and flexibility, causing snipers to sometimes remove their armor in order to shoot and putting them at risk.
When an individual donates at least $5 to the program, he or she will receive a dog tag with the U.S. Marines slogan: "One Shot, One Kill, No Remorse, I Decide," he said. The organization also offers metal wristbands with the Web site's name and the military unit that will benefit from the donation.
Henak said the decision was a tactic to stifle the voice of the College Republicans.
"It's obvious that they have liberal leanings — that's a Jesuit trait," Henak said. "They don't believe in what the snipers are doing and so they don't support our program."
The university statement said the table did not reflect Catholic, Jesuit values.
"In the context of the university's Jesuit, Catholic mission, we could not allow fundraising in the student union for a group whose rhetoric regarding snipers could be widely misinterpreted as having a cavalier attitude toward the taking of a human life," O'Brien said.

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