Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In the News...

A correspondant informs me that the CoE has finally lost the plot (again!):
The Church of England is to grant partners of homosexual clergy who have registered under the Government's new civil partnership scheme the same pension rights as clergy spouses.
The disclosure, made at the General Synod last night, could prove an embarrassment to the bishops because sexually active homosexuals are theoretically barred from the priesthood.

Here in Italy, Berlusconi is trying to soften his image by putting an aging Spaghetti Western 'Star' on his staff.
Kenya's president is having one of those days:
President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya is said to have taken to his bed in despair, finding solace, according to a cabinet colleague, "only in the works of P G Wodehouse".
His choice of author is telling. Mr Kibaki's two wives, when not bickering with each other, dictate the president's schedule and often lock out those who might offer him wiser counsel. Their resemblance to many a Wodehouse aunt may strike a chord with the increasingly doddery septuagenarian leader.
Even those of us without two wives can sympathise!
Finally, the Corriere della Sera prints my picture!

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