Thursday, January 06, 2005

Random observations...

I've been out of the Eternal City for a short while and the following things struck me today:
  1. Italians generally applaud when their plane lands. I think it a much more prudent
    to defer this until my baggage makes its way safely back to me.
  2. There was an gypsy woman begging outside the Scala Sancta today - her sign was in English and read 'I am old and fat and no one gives me work. Heeeeelp.' Want to bet that a 'friendly' Anglophonic college student wrote that for her?
  3. I came across a street of cars with fliers under their wipers. They were advertising a private investigation firm which offers to provide proof of marital infedelity for as little as €150 for the 1st 4 hours investigation.

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