Friday, January 21, 2005

The choice between life and limb

This article from the Telegraph tells of some of the theological and cultural problems facing tsunami survivors and their carers:
Muslim tsunami survivors fear amputation will bar them from paradise, reports Sebastien Berger in Banda Aceh
Many Acehnese, considered the most devout Muslims in Indonesia, believe that a person must be physically complete at death to be able to enter paradise.
Major Simon Hawkins, an Australian artillery major, speaks fluent Indonesian and has taken it upon himself to persuade reluctant gangrene victims to agree to amputations.
He also has to contend with a pre-tsunami perception that amputees are generally beggars.

On a much lighter note, how long before we see these on ebay?
Russia is to sell thousands of Second World War tanks, machineguns and cannons in an attempt to raise funds and remind the world of its pivotal role in defeating Hitler.
The Kremlin hopes that they will be bought by museums and enthusiasts as interest in vintage weaponry peaks during the 60th anniversary of the end of the war, a landmark that will be celebrated with great fanfare in Russia.

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