Sunday, January 09, 2005

In the News...

There's a surprising proportion of interesting articles in today's Telegraph.
British doctors are criticising the film Vera Drake for demonstrating a potentially fatal (to the mother as well as the child) abortion technique.
This article on American soldiers deserting for fear of being sent into combat will (justly) anger some of my American readers. One of them explained his situation as follows:
"This is a criminal war and any act of violence in an unjustified conflict is an
atrocity. I signed a contract for four years, and I was totally willing to
fulfil it. Just not in combat arms jobs." (Emphasis mine)

The Telegraph are only now reporting the old news about the upcoming 'Satanism Course' at Regina Apostolorum. Note the indiscriminate use of the word 'Vatican' - Regina Apostolorum is actually run by the Legionaries of Christ, not the Vatican. Also of interest is the response by a Satanist:
"The Vatican has been masters of media manipulation for millennia,
suppressing art which it cannot control, perverting into propaganda that which
has the misfortune to fall beneath its shadow," he said. "Many teen-agers are
drawn towards Satanism because they despise religion... for the rational reasons
that it is mindlessly authoritarian, deeply sexually dysfunctional, and has the
blood of countless millions on its bejewelled fingers."

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