Monday, January 31, 2005

Marriage Prep in the CoE

The Times has the following article on Marriage Prep in the CoE (warning: some may find parts of the report offensive), with some interesting anedotes:
But he singles out for praise another couple who had the courage to stand by their “innermost convictions”.
Being Hell’s Angels, they wanted to get married over their motorbikes in church, and he only dissuaded them by pleading that oil stains would ruin the carpet in the nave. They still felt that church was the only place for a wedding, but had no hymns because their friends did not know any and instead of ushers there was a minder with a pickaxe handle up his sleeve.
They married in their leathers, although the bride had a small white veil over her helmet. They left the church with a police escort to avoid trouble from rivals. “Their faith was unorthodox, but mattered to them,” says Mr Body in Growing Together.

Also interesting is this not-quite apology for mistakenly performing a graphology analysis on the writing of Bill Gates thinking it was that of Tony Blair.

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