Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In the News...

In the Telegraph : Rabbis ban Jews from holy mount
Israel's leading rabbis have issued a ruling forbidding Jews from entering the disputed Temple Mount in Jerusalem, amid concerns about desecration of the sacred site.
The ruling is a direct challenge to messianic Jews and hardline groups such as the Temple Mount Faithful, a movement that has been growing in strength but is considered by many Jews to part of a fanatical fringe.

Potholers discover ancient Roman mosaic
Potholers exploring a site near Nero's palace have discovered a mosaic showing ancient Romans trampling grapes to make wine.
The 10ft by 6.5ft mosaic depicts three naked figures crushing the grapes with their feet, while a fourth entertains them by playing a double flute and another man piles the fruit in a basket.
Using a remote-controlled camera, the potholers filmed the fragment at the edge of the largely unexcavated, 14-acre bathing complex in Rome built by the Emperor Trajan, itself lying on top of the ruins of Nero's lavish residence, known as the Golden House.
The Corriere della Sera has this picture. (Warning! Some viewers may find Classical Nudity offensive)

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