Saturday, January 15, 2005

Octave of Prayer for Christian Unitiy

For those of you in Rome there will be an interesting initiative for the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity at the Church of S.Maria in Via Lata. At 8pm each evening the Divine Liturgy (Mass) will be celebrated in a different rite of the Catholic Church. This is being done in conjunction with several of the Colleges (Greek, Russian, etc...) which educate seminarians of the various Eastern Rites. The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 18th January Romanian-Byzantine
Wednesday 19th January Greek-Byzantine
Thursday 20th January Syro-Maronite
Friday 21st January Armenian
Saturday 22nd January Ukranian-Byzantine
Sunday 23rd January Roman
Monday 24th January Syro-Malabar
Tuesday 25th January Russian-Byzantine
Due to various commitments I'll only be able to attend a few of these celebrations, but I'm sure that both Matt and Lauren who have both spent a deal of time in Rome over the past couple of years but are now back in the States are insanely jealous!
If you know any liturgy-nerds in Rome, do pass on the word. Oh, and all the liturgies are celebrated by Catholic clergy in Communion with the Holy See so there are no scruples about receiving communion, etc.

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