Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Deus Caritas Est - Predictions

I predict...

1. That the uninformed liberal intelligentia will be amazed that the 1st Encyclical is not a mass excommunication of gays, women and anyone who has ever had sexual relations inside of or outside of marriage.
2. That there will also be a cadre of right-wing thinkers (?) who will be disappointed for much the same reason.
3. There will be general amazement that the Pope is talking about eros. No one will listen when it is explained that he's talking about more than just sex.
4. The encylical will be quoted selectively. Most commentators will miss the main point.
5. The discredited 'copyright story' will get new legs. It will be presumed that the Pope writes these things to fund the Vatican budget deficit.
6. At least one commentator will pronounce 'agape' to rhyme with 'grape'.
7. It will be worth reading.

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