Thursday, January 26, 2006

Caravaggios found?

From the Telegraph:
Experts were divided last night on whether two paintings found in a church organ loft were Caravaggio masterpieces worth tens of millions of pounds or merely good copies.
They were discovered seven years ago in Loches, central France, and have now been authenticated by one Caravaggio expert.
The works, Pilgrimage of Our Lord to Emmaus and St Thomas Putting his Finger on Christ's Wound, had apparently hung in the church of St Antoine for two centuries. One critic said that if genuine, each could be worth at least £40 million.
But Pierre Rosenberg, a retired director of the Louvre, was doubtful. "They can be nothing more than good copies," he said. "Caravaggio never copied his own works. The originals are known."

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