Friday, October 21, 2005


Check out the Cnytr's post on why not to be a Neo-Cath. Amen, sister!
Boeciana goes tuneful and composes a 'Trid Love Song' :
You're the top,
You're the Roman Canon;
You're the top,
You're the Creed in Latin;

Enbrithiliel tells the very POD story of Our Lady of Piat.
In the Telegraph: 2 Days in Rome for Stg£100. Also worth a look is Lord Carey's argument against a proposed religious hatred bill. (Mockery is good for the faithful, says Carey)
There's also an interesting article about Italian fathers being the oldest in the world:
The Italian statistics agency Istat said yesterday that the average age for the first child in Italy for a man is 33, the highest in the world, compared to 31 in France and Spain.
In Italy 40 per cent of 30- to 34- year-old Italian males still live at home, Istat said. Worse, the urge to procreate does not increase with age for the Italian man as it does with women. Istat said men who married at 35 were 80 per cent less likely to want a child than those who married at 25.
That's actually one of the major social problems in Italy - mamismo, rather than machismo. Italian women frequently complain that their husbands are still attached to their mothers' apron strings even when they finally do move out of home.

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