Sunday, October 23, 2005

Synod Propositions...

The propisitions of the Synod to the Holy Father have been released in Italian. Proposition 32 about the celebration of the Eucharist for small groups is interesting...
A proposito delle Sante Messe celebrate per piccoli gruppi, esse devono favorire una partecipazione più consapevole, attiva e fruttuosa all’Eucaristia. Sono stati proposti i seguenti criteri:
(Regarding Holy Masses celebrated for small groups, the must favour a more aware, active and fruitful participation in the Eucharist. The following criteria are proposed:)
- i piccoli gruppi devono servire a unificare la comunità parrocchiale, non a frammentarla;
(Small groups must serve to unify the parochial community, not to divide it)
- devono rispettare le esigenze delle varie categorie di fedeli, così da favorire la partecipazione fruttuosa dell’intera assemblea;
(They must respect the needs of various categories of the faithful so as to favour the fruitful participation of the entire assembly)
- devono essere guidati da direttive chiare e precise;
(They must be guided by clear and precise directives)
- devono tener presente che, nella misura del possibile, bisogna preservare l’unità della famiglia.
(They must bear in mind thatm, in so far as possible, the unity of the family need to be preserved)
Funnily enough, those criteria match exactly the usual criticisms made about the 'Neo-Cathecumenal Way.' Their practice of liturgical oddities, many small Masses on a Sunday for those at different stages of 'the Way', and accusations of disruption to normal family and parochial seem to have provoked the synod to issue this not-so-subtle suggestion that something needs to be done.

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