Sunday, October 23, 2005


Folks, I took my camera for a walk this afternoon and share with you a few things that I spotted.
Click on the pictures to see larger versions of the same.

The monument to Cardinal Gasparri in the Lateran basilica. The books on the bottom right are the Lateran Treaty and the 1917 (not the 1913 Code as I had previously written... there was never any such code!) Code of Canon Law for which he was largely responsible.

St Matthew in the Lateran Basilica. Note the bag of money under his foot and his status as an evangelist is symbolised by fact that he's reading a book.

The most multi-lingual confessional in the city is found in St Mary Majors. One priest does speak all those languages. Have you ever wanted to confess in Latin?

Pope St Pius V. Also in St Mary Majors.

A fine (IMHO) tomb in the church of S. Prassade. This chap used to be Patricarch of Alexandria.

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