Thursday, October 13, 2005

Famous Belgians!

From The Guardian:
Lovers of one of the anoraks' favourite parlour games - the challenge to name ten famous Belgians - will be delighted to learn that, in the tradition of London buses, two top 10 lists have come along at once.
Belgian television has decided to follow the success of BBC1's Great Britons series - which identified the top 10 Brits of all time - by running its own version.
There are two lists - one for French speakers living in Wallonia, in the southern half of the country, and another for Flemish speakers living in Flanders, in the north.
Anoraks will no doubt be pleased to learn that the two lists bear no relation to each other, opening up the possibility that the truly dedicated will soon be able to turn the game into Name 20 Famous Belgians.
Can anyone name any Belgian saints?

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