Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I'm reading at the moment...

... or spot the difference.

I just happened to lay the two novels I'm reading at the moment side-by-side, and was struck by a certain similarity. Well, first impressions tell me that despite the surreal edge to her work, Seraphic's Catholic Quasi-Canadians are an awful lot more normal than Flannery's Protestants of the Deep South.

But why am I promoting Seraphic's new book so assiduously? That's an easy question to answer.


If she can't earn her crust writing, then Seraphic will be forced into a life of gold-digging and will allow her standards to slip to such an extent that she'll start dating Protestants and even seminarians!

Therefore, in order to save the souls of all involved, I'm shilling for Seraphic!


Anonymous said...


Oh, well, we just have to pray she only comes for the Edinburgh International Festival, as planned, and doesn't get as far as the continental Seminaries... lol. ;-P

Glad to hear the book is good. Am waiting for mine to arrive.

Seraphic Single said...

Yes, everyone must buy a book to save my beautiful pink soul. (There's that handsome policeman again...)

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes* That won't work!

Seraphic Single said...

All proceeds to go to Seraphapalooza Scotland, and I promise to treat all discerners and seminarians as if they were intensely dull and elderly. So fear not, Discerning Mark!

By the way, I just read about Autumn Kelly (of Montreal) engaged to marry Peter Phillips. My intial Canadian interest turned into Catholic disappointment. Oh...she gave up the Una Vera Fides to marry a bloke... :-(

Zadok the Roman said...

Indeed. What a shame.