Friday, April 25, 2008

Seraphic Goes to Ground... But will be back

I know that some of my readers have (understandably) become fans of the Seraphic Single. Alas, those clicking the hyperlink will be disappointed to see that Seraphic's blog has gone. Due to ungentlemanly male behavior she's had to close down temporarily. However, she will be back with a new blog tomorrow.
Needless to say, Seraphic herself is as disconsolate as her readers... buying one of her books would cheer her up and satisfy your craving for her prose. Support Canada's No 1 Single Female Author of Humourous Catholic Fiction.
(My copy of The Widow of Saint-Pierre is on its way... I can hardly wait.)


Anonymous said...

Stupid ungentlemanly male! Send me round; I'll beat him up! ;-p

Anonymous said...

That ungentlemanly male is lucky I don't know who he is. I'd have him trussed, tarred, and feathered before he knew what hit him...and then I'd teach him how to treat a lady.

Deirdre said...

Yes, but how to defend a lady against a person on - perhaps - another continent?


Glad to hear she's back -- I was a bit distraught when I saw her blog was unavailable.

Seraphic Single said...

Hooray! I always wanted a handsome policeman in uniform to fight for, er, me. The seminary, you say?

Zadok the Roman said...

Okay Seraphic... Take a few steps away from Mark.

If your job is protecting Single Women from prospective (or not so prospective) seminarians, then I think I have a responsibility to keep this 'blog as being somewhere that prospective seminarians aren't preyed upon by Single Women. ;)

Anonymous said...


Or, at least, I think I'm meant to laugh? (I am easily confused...)

Anonymous said...

Me, handsome? *blushes*

Seraphic Single said...

If all the handsome seminarians knew that they were handsome, would they leave the seminary?

I suppose the best thing to do is to not tell them and then feed them full of pie so that they get fat and then (once they're ordained) cause ruckuses during parish council meetings so that they go grey.

Anonymous said...

Seraphic: hush! Such wicked ideas! ;-p