Saturday, January 19, 2008

Techies in the Pews

Whilst we're talking about Jesuits, there's an interesting article from the Jesuit astronomer Guy Consolmagno in Thinking Faith (an online publication of the British Jesuits) called Techies in the Pews.
It has frequently occurred to me that one of the primary challenges for contemporary evangelization is the particular mindset that a technical education forms. Those who have received such a formation and who work in the technological disciples have particular patterns of thinking that preachers need to engage with.
Part of that engagement will be to provoke 'techies' to broaden their horizons and see that their categories of thought need to be challenged if they are to engage with the mystery of their relationship with their Creator and Redeemer. However, it's also important that theologians and preachers understand the thought-categories of those to whom they minister. Fr Consolmagno's article is an interesting perspective on that world.

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Father Charlie said...

Thanks for this! This is a really helpful article. As a campus minister at a college with many deep technically adept people, (and one not so technically adept chaplain) I could really relate!

Peace on your ministry!

Fr. Charlie