Monday, January 14, 2008

Pope to Visit the Sapienza University

There's not been much coverage of this in the English-speaking press and the blogsphere, but it will be fascinating to see what kind of reception he will receive at the secular Sapienza University when he gives an address at the inauguration of the academic year. Leftist elements have been making rather childish noises about the Pope being 'opposed to science' and 'against the university' - ironic when you consider the Holy Father's great interest in academia, the university and human reason.
There's a gallery of photographs from the university on the website of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. You'll see that the leftists have organised an 'Anti-clerical Week' and have adorned a statue of Minerva with a poster which reads (in part) Knowledge needs neither Fathers nor Priests.
This photo from the Corriere della Sera is another gem.

Fra Giordano [Bruno] was burned,
Galileo recanted,
We will resist the Papacy.
17 January - Anti-Clerical Day, 12 Noon, Aldo Moro Square.
To do science is not a crime
Secular-Self determining Knowledge
Sexual Liberty
LGBT Rights

That's what passes for intelligent discourse in some quarters, friends.

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Digó János said...

Well, as an Italian I am most happy to see that the Pope will not be attending. The catholic Church has fought against Knowledge and Reason for centuries, so I cannot see why the Pope should be attending the inauguration of the academic year.