Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pope St Gregory the Great and more...

Gregorius Magnus
I'm sure most of my regular readers have seen this before, but if you haven't you need to pop over to the New Liturgical Movement to see Matt Alderman's drawing of Pope St Gregory the Great and the attaching commentary. Matt, is of course, one of the notorious Whapsters.
Bread and Circuses
Enbrethiliel of Sancta Sanctis is one of the most insightful folks in the Catholic blogosphere and her reflections on the recent gameshow fatalities in Manila deserve reading.
I could read Enbrethiliel's prose all day, and I could say the same thing about Romy's. Here she has an interesting piece about her rainboots. (And it must be admitted, those are some funky boots.)
What purpose do you serve?
Fr Philip Powell OP blogs last Sunday's homily. It's on one of my favourite topics - the importance of finding a meaning in one's life and how that relates to the call of Christ.

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