Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One for the Classics buffs...

The Telegraph reports on a German group who rap in Latin:
A German hip hop band which raps in Latin is reforming after a sudden rise in interest in its songs.
The band, Ista, was formed by a group of bored Classics pupils at a school in Wilhelmshaven a decade ago.
Uninspired by their school Latin, Lars Janssen and his friends decided to spice up class by putting a song into Latin.
Their teacher, Edgar Barwig, himself not much older than the 17-year-olds in his charge, approved of their new-found enthusiasm and encouraged them to form a band.
The original seven members, which included Mr Barwig, who checked that the grammar was right, are now living scattered across Germany, having since grown up and become architects, teachers, a nurse and parents.

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