Saturday, February 18, 2006

About the city...

I had the pleasure of strolling around the city with the Roamin' Roman (no relation) last week. Fortunately she brings her camera everywhere and snapped some great shots...
The Tomb of SS. Lawrence, Stephen and Justin.
Detail of the Chapel of St Catherine in the Basilica of S.Sabina.
The stone the devil flung at St Dominic.
The Lateran Baptistry.
I snapped a couple of pics that day as well...
A Mosaic from the Benedictine Church of S. Anselmo.

The Tomb of Bl. Pius IX at S. Lorenzo.
Random Question: Does anyone know why Bl. Pius IX and Leo XIII chose to be buried in S. Lorenzo and at the Lateran respectively? The Popes immediately beforehand and after are all buried in St Peter's and one would have thought that the political climate of the time would have made St Peter's the obvious choice.
(An attempt was made by a Roman mob to fling the body of Pius IX into the Tiber as it was transported to S. Lorenzo. It is said that an international group of seminarians fought off the mob and the Pope's remians safely made their way to their resting place.)

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