Thursday, June 16, 2005

In brief...

From the Telegraph:
Italians worried about their image are taking out insurance against going bald.
The policy is open to anyone aged between 15 and 70, of either sex. It was developed by an insurance firm and a chain of hair care clinics, which ask for £220 annual premiums regardless of how much or how little hair the insured party has.
The pay-out, capped at £5,300, depends on the amount of hair lost between a client first taking out insurance and their final claim.
An article about child-labour in India:
A boy of five has been forced to take a job in the Indian police station where his late father worked.
In a case that highlights the huge problem of child labour in the sub-continent, Saurabh Nagvanshi spends his days running small errands, such as delivering reports to desks and carrying cups of tea for adult officers.
He was given the post at a police station in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh on "compassionate grounds" after the death of his father.
The practice, in which jobs are passed on within a family when a public servant dies to compensate for the loss of income, was instituted by the British. Although illegal, it remains common in rural areas.

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