Wednesday, June 08, 2005

CoE Cash Crisis

There's a fascinating piece in the Times about the difficult (financical) condition of the CoE:
A CASH crisis in the Church of England is forcing bishops to consider radical moves including cutting clergy numbers by up to a third and making worshippers meet in each other’s homes, The Times has learnt.
A report to the General Synod next month says the Church has allowed itself to “drift apart from society”, undermining its mission to the whole nation. Some parts of the Church are little more than a club for existing members, the authors say.
Spelling out a deep-seated need for change, the report proposes solutions such as cutting the existing clergy numbers of about 9,400 by more than 3,000, training more laity to work unpaid and closing churches.
One diocese is already considering a plan to persuade congregations to forsake traditional church buildings and worship God in the living rooms of fellow churchgoers instead. [Emphasis mine]
That whole idea about 'cutting clergy numbers' shows that the CoE is on a different ecclesiological planet.

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