Sunday, October 31, 2004

Theology in the News... (Or How Not to Write About Theology)

The Telegraph proves the axiom that the secular press love to tell the Church to keep out of the bedroom, but only ever seems to write about theology when it has something to do with the bedroom (warning: surprisingly explicit conent for the Telegraph). Note too the headline and opening sentence -
Vatican sex guide urges Catholics to do 'it' more often
A Vatican-sanctioned sex guide is encouraging churchgoers to make love more often in an effort to offset "impotence and frigidity" and address papal concerns over declining birth-rates among Italian Roman Catholics.

Note the usual fudge - 'Vatican Sanctioned' could mean anything from 'the Vatican hasn't banned it' to 'written personally by the Pope and Ratzinger'. From the article, it sounds like describing the publication as a 'Vatican sex guide' is downright misleading...

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