Friday, October 01, 2004


Emily of the Holy Whapping casually drops a hint that today's her 21st Birthday. In her honour I present one of the finest drinking songs ever written, the aptly named Drinking Song by the Divine Comedy. (To my mind, their second and third albums Liberation and Promenade are just about as good as modern music gets - who else sings Wordsworth?)
Well, bloody my nose
And blacken my eye
If it ain't some young Turk
In search of a fight
And chanticleer's chest
Is sagging with pride
For honour has yet
To be satisfied

Why I'm Sticking to Bottled Water
And while I'm in the congratulatory mood, I'd better mention the good news of Jamie of Ad Limina Apostolorum and his wife. Following closely on the heels of Zorak and Oligarch's announcement I'm beginning to think that there's something in the water supply.

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