Saturday, October 30, 2004

In the News...

This article in the Telegraph reveals a terrific amount of childishness on everyone's behalf. The French seem to be speculating that Bush is descended from a French family called 'Boucher' and Le Figaro is suggesting that this might help Bush lose the election. Kerry, meanwhile, is trying to hush up the fact that he has (horror of horrors!) a cousin who is a French politician whilst the White House is quoted as saying that Kerry 'looks French'. It all sounds like something from the playground...
Meanwhile, churches in England are somewhat lamely trying to counter Hallowe'en with "festivals of light" or "hallelujah" parties. Rev Janet Russell, vicar of Crowmarsh and Brightwell-cum-Sotwell promises 'lively music'.
Here in Rome, yesterday, we had the signing of the EU constitution, a bad idea for many reasons. Ironically, this godless document was signed 'beneath the gaze of a statue of Pope Innocent X in Rome's city hall, designed by Michelangelo, on the Capitoline, the hill once at the heart of its ancient empire's mystic and political world.' I think that it's great that the birth of the new atheistic superstate can be viewed as a resurrection of the Antichristian Roman Empire (for all Catholic conspiracy theorists) or as the latest ploy of Babylon-on-the-Tiber to take over the world (for fans of Jack Chick and his ilk.)
Jack Chirk is, of course, unusually prophetic and I suspect that his paraonoid fantasy of Jesuit Supreme Justice of the World would terrify Catholics and Protestants alike.

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