Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Blogs worth a Look...

The provocative Jeffrey Smith has two interesting project-blogs on the go at the moment. Ever Ancient, Ever New takes a look at what's good about 20th Century Church design. I can't say I agree with each and every one of the chosen churches, but there are some wonderful examples. This more upbeat appreciation is much needed.
Less seriously, Rampant Clericalism is a collection of clerical portraits.


Tom S said...

Well it was better then I thought, but worse in some cases then I thought possible.

There may be some justification for those ugly structures, but sadly he didn't go into the theology of why it was build the way it was. Interestingly I was just complaining about this just the other day on my blog, but I was encounraged by a Calvin & Lutheran, at least they recognized that church architecture needs (and I would say requires) the correct theology to teach individuals on a level they don't receive verbally.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I leave theology to the priests, as all laymen should.